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Diploma In Fashion Luxury

This course is specifically designed to provide participants with a clear overview of the fashion and luxury industry along with its current challenges. It is integrated in a set of complementary short modules with the right mix of theory and practice in order to actively engage participants. All topics will be taught with an international perspective in mind. This course is aimed at participants willing to further study or start a career in the fashion & luxury industry as well as at anyone who wants to know more about this fascinating industry.


Course Objectives:

  • Understand the specificities of the fashion & luxury industry, its structure, the main functions and roles at stake.
  • Develop a solid grounding in the theoretical and practical issues relevant to fashion & luxury organizations
  • Understand the roles and challenges of each function in the fashion & luxury cycle.
  • Develop an international perspective about new dynamics between mature and developing countries


Fashion & Luxury Panorama
Fashion & Luxury Consumer Behavior
Fashion & Luxury Branding / Communication
Fashion & Luxury Visual Merchandising
E-Commerce for Fashion & Luxury
Fashion & Luxury Retail Management
Design Management


Wine Expert, Professor of statistics, Journalist, LE FIGARO.

Wine Expert, Journalist. WSET.

Researcher and lecturer in neuroscience at the Pasteur Institute.

Oenologist, World Sake Expert. Champagne Producer